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Create your first PowerPoint 2013 presentation
Create your first PowerPoint 2013 presentation

Prepare and run

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Figure out the best way to deliver your presentation, including using two monitors in Presenter view.

Prepare and run your presentation.

Learn about the advantages of using Presenter view. On the Slide Show tab, check the Use Presenter View box.

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Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint 2013 presentation

What's new in PowerPoint 2013

There are many options for presenting your slide show to an audience.

But in our case, we’re just going to run the presentation from our laptop in a meeting room.

We’ll plug the meeting room projector into the laptop to make it easy for everyone in the meeting to see the slides.

That will also make it easier for us, because with two monitors we can use presenter view. Here’s how that works.

Go to the SLIDE SHOW tab and make sure Presenter View is selected. Then, click From Beginning to run the slide show.

When you give your presentation, the audience sees the slides on the big screen and you see presenter view on your laptop.

It’s like a control panel that displays the current slide, the next slide, your notes, and even a clock.

And there are a bunch of options like Pens and a Laser Pointer.

If you don’t want to use presenter view, you can just click to change slides, or use this toolbar.

You can create some pretty flashy presentations with PowerPoint, or you can keep it simple and use the built-in themes and placeholders.

Where do you go next? Try exploring PowerPoint 2013 on your own.

To dig even deeper into PowerPoint features, tools, and workflows, check out the links in the course summary.

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