You can use a browser and your OneDrive to view, edit and send attachments with your Outlook Web App, Outlook on the Web or accounts.

  1. Select the message, calendar item or task that contains your attachment.

  2. Next to the attachment, select the and choose Preview. Attachments that can be previewed include: Office files, most image files and PDFs.

  3. You can also choose Save to OneDrive or Download it to your computer.

Office files can edited in the browser or the Office app. If you want to edit an attachment that's an unsupported file type, you'll have to download and open the file to edit it.

  1. Select the message, calendar item or task that contains your attachment.

  2. Next to the attachment, select the and choose Edit in Browser. If you have Office installed, you will also see the option to Edit in desktop app.

Note: When you edit a linked file, your changes are made on a single copy of the file that all recipients have access to. This saves space in everyone's mailbox, and makes collaboration easier.

In the new message composer, select the paperclip  to choose your attachment.

Tip: Any files you edited in your browser will be in your OneDrive attachments folder.

If you have chosen to only display certain OneDrive folders on your computer, you will not see your Attachments folder in File Explorer or Mac Finder.

  1. In the notification area or menu bar, right-click your OneDrive cloud icon and select Settings.

  2. Select Choose folders and then check the Attachments checkbox to make it visible on your computer.

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  • Don't open an attachment sent in an email message unless you trust the content and the person who sent it to you. Attachments are a common method for spreading computer viruses. We recommend that you use the Preview option if it's available.

  • Some attachments might be removed or blocked by antivirus software used by your organization or by the organization of the recipients of your email.

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