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With Communities in Teams, you can connect with people in one place to engage in conversations, community video calls, file and photo sharing, membership management, and more.​ Whether you are looking to manage meetings for your homeowner’s association, plan games for your sports league, or get tips from your local group of dog lovers, you can easily invite others to your community.

Create a more secure space to share with management tools that allow a community creator to invite others, set guidelines for engaging with community members, and enable others to help you manage the community. 

Teams community settings

Note: Are you interested in checking it out and want to meet others using Communities in Teams? Join Microsoft Teams Community Corner on your mobile device - a place to try out Communities in Teams and share your experiences.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a chat and a community in Microsoft Teams (free)?

Chats are for one-to-one or group messages. Communities allow you to have a variety of conversations and have more control over membership management with owners and members.  Learn more about community owner and member capabilities.

Can anyone join a community?

Members can join a community by invitation only using Microsoft Teams (free) with their personal Microsoft account. Members cannot join using a Teams for work or school account. Either the community owner can add someone or a community member can share a join link if the option is enabled. Learn more about joining a community.

What are community guidelines?

As the community owner, you can use the default guidelines or set your own guidelines for how your community members should engage with each other. Your guidelines can include things like being kind and respectful to fellow community members and as always, not to post anything that violates the Microsoft Teams (free) Community Standards. Learn more about updating your community settings.

How do I add a member to my community?

You can add up to 1,000 members to your community by going to the community you want to add them to, tapping the community name at the top of the screen, then either tapping Add or Manage members. Learn more about how to add and remove community members.

Will members be notified if a community member is added or removed from a community?

Community owners and members will not be notified if a member is added to, removed from, or declines a join request from a community. However, community owners will be notified when a user accepts a community join request.

Can I block a community member?

You can block a member from contacting you directly, but you cannot block them from the community. Learn more about how to block someone.

Will community members be notified if they are blocked from a community?

No, members will not be notified if they have been blocked but they will no longer have access to the community.

If a member is blocked from a community, will they lose access to all data for that community?

Yes, they will lose access right away.

Is Communities in Teams free to use?

Communities in Teams is free but you will get improved meeting capabilities and more with a subscription. Learn more about subscriptions for Microsoft Teams (free).

What are community pictures? 

Owners can personalize their community by uploading a community picture. This picture may be included with email invitations to join the community as well as any web pages used to inform the recipient that they are joining the correct community. Community pictures may be scanned and removed for violation against the Microsoft code of conduct.

How do I give feedback?

We need your feedback for Communities in Teams to help us deliver a great product. Go to the Teams app and tap your profile picture, tap Settings, tap Help & feedback, then select Send feedback.

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