Which version of SharePoint am I using?

When looking for help online, you often need to know the version of Microsoft SharePoint you're using. This article can help.

Use the Help ("?") menu in SharePoint to identify your version:

  1. Open SharePoint in your browser.

  2. Near the upper-right corner of that window, select ?

  3. If a menu opens, select Help.

    A Help pane opens. If you're using SharePoint Server, the pane opens in its own separate window (usually to the left of the browser window you've been working in). If you're using SharePoint in Microsoft 365 (formerly known as "SharePoint Online"), you'll know it right away because the pane slides open from the right margin of your current browser window.

  4. Look at the title of the article. If you're using SharePoint Server, the version number is stated: 

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 looks like this:

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 Help pane header

SharePoint Server 2019 looks like this:

SharePoint 2019 Help pane header

SharePoint Server 2016 looks like this:

SharePoint 2016 help pane header

SharePoint Server 2013 looks like this:

SharePoint 2013 Help pane header

SharePoint 2010 looks like this:

SharePoint 2010 Help pane header

SharePoint Server 2007 looks like this:

SharePoint 2007 Help pane header

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