Work smarter with intelligent services

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Artificial intelligence is cutting edge stuff. With Microsoft 365 and Windows 10, these new technologies create smarter, more beautiful docs with less sweat and save you time. Every day.

Data types

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Add stock and geography data right into your spreadsheet.

  1. Select some cells.

  2. Pick a data type and icons appear.

  3. Select the Add Column Add Column button button to get data.

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How to work with Data Types

Get geographic location data

Design like a pro

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PowerPoint Designer automatically generates design ideas to choose from.

Just insert a picture, bullet list, or timeline.

Or go to:

  1. Design > Design Ideas.

  2. Select the idea you like.

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Create professional slide layouts with PowerPoint Designer

Design in PowerPoint


Get stuff done more quickly

Make Cortana yours

The Cortana icon as seen on the screen with the words, "Hi. I'm Cortana" below the icon.

You can talk to Cortana and get news, sports, weather, travel itineraries, and your schedule.

How to make Cortana yours

Use Timeline

The Timeline icon on the Windows Tool bar

Easily scroll back in time to find things you were working on earlier today or a few weeks ago.

Using Timeline in Windows 10

Dive into Delve

A conceptual sample of the Delve screen. No discernable text.

Discover and organize the information that's likely to be most interesting to you now.

What is Delve?

A subscription to make the most of your time

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