When the Data Streamer add-in is enabled, you can set the parameters for the Data In and Data Out functions in the Workbook Settings tab. Adjusting these variables will change the amount of data displayed, the rate data is displayed, and the direction the data flows through the data tables on the Data In and Data Out tabs. 

Show the Workbook Settings tab for Data Streamer


  • Data Interval (ms) - This sets the time intervals that the data will be updated on the Data In tab.

  • Data Rows - The number of rows that you'd like to visualize. For example, if you wish to look at a series of values, you can set how many values will appear in the data table.

  • Data Channels - The number of data channels that you expect to receive from the microcontroller.

  • Data Orientation - This sets the direction that the data flows in the Historical Data table (Newest First/Newest Last).

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