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Add flair to your email with emojis - Microsoft Support
Outlook for Microsoft 365 Outlook 2021 Outlook 2019 Outlook 2016. Windows 10 and 11 contain a large set of emojis. To insert one: Put your cursor where you want the emoji. Press Windows key + . (period) to open the Windows Emoji picker. Select a symbol to insert it in your email message. When you're done, select × to close the emoji picker.
Applies To: Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016
Microsoft Traditional Chinese IME - Microsoft Support
Select Start , then select Settings > Time & language > Language. Scroll down and select one of the following: Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR) Chinese (Traditional, Macao SAR) Select Options. Scroll down, select Microsoft Bopomofo and then select Options. Note: You can also search “IME settings” in the ...
Create a Map chart in Excel - Microsoft Support
Create a Map chart with Data Types. Map charts have gotten even easier with geography data types.Simply input a list of geographic values, such as country, state, county, city, postal code, and so on, then select your list and go to the Data tab > Data Types > Geography.Excel will automatically convert your data to a geography data type, and will include properties relevant to that data that ...
Applies To: Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Excel 2021, Excel 2021 for Mac, Excel 2019, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel for iPad, Excel for iPhone, Excel for Android tablets, Excel for Android phones, Excel Mobile
Format text as superscript or subscript - Microsoft Support
Keyboard shortcuts: Apply superscript or subscript. To make text appear slightly above (superscript) or below (subscript) your regular text, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Select the character that you want to format. For superscript, press Ctrl, Shift, and the Plus sign (+) at the same time. For subscript, press Ctrl and the Equal sign (=) at ...
Applies To: PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 for Mac, PowerPoint for the web, PowerPoint 2021, PowerPoint 2021 for Mac, PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2019 for Mac, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint for Mac 2011
Private EUDCs are not displayed in Character Map after you apply update ...
This issue occurs because Character Map tries to load a private EUDC font file in exclusive read mode. However, the win32k.sys file has already opened a handle to the font file. How to obtain this update Method 1: Windows Update. This update is available from Windows Update. Method 2: Microsoft Download Center
Backup and Restore in Windows - Microsoft Support
In the search box in Control Panel, type . Select Save backup copies of your files with File History from the list of results. Follow the instructions to restore your files. Restore files with Backup and Restore. Connect the external storage device that contains your backup files. In the search box on the taskbar, type.
Insert ASCII or Unicode Latin-based symbols and characters
Character Map is a program built into Microsoft Windows that enables you to view the characters that are available in a selected font. Using Character Map, you can copy individual characters or a group of characters to the Clipboard and paste them into any program that can display them. To open Character Map:
Applies To: Excel for Microsoft 365, Outlook for Microsoft 365, PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, Publisher for Microsoft 365, Excel 2021, Outlook 2021, PowerPoint 2021, Publisher 2021, Visio Professional 2021, Visio Standard 2021, OneNote 2021, Excel 2019, Outlook 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Publisher 2019, Visio Professional 2019, Visio Standard 2019, Excel 2016, Outlook 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016, Publisher 2016, Visio Professional 2016, Visio Standard 2016, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013, Publisher 2013, Visio 2013, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Publisher 2010, Visio 2010, Visio Standard 2010
Fonts Not Displayed When Installing New Fonts - Microsoft Support
Resolution. To resolve this issue: Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Fonts. On the File menu, click Fonts to place a check mark. On the File menu, click Install New Font. To verify that fonts are being displayed, look in a folder that contains font files (such as the Windows\Fonts folder).
Insert degree symbol - Microsoft Support
Insert the degree symbol by using the ribbon. Place the cursor where you want the degree symbol to go in your text. Click Insert > Symbol. Select More Symbols. Choose your font from the Font drop-down menu. Select Latin-1 Supplement from the Subset drop-down menu. Scroll through the symbols, and click the degree sign. Click Insert.
Applies To: Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2021, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013
RAND function - Microsoft Support
To generate a random real number between a and b, use: =RAND ()* (b-a)+a. If you want to use RAND to generate a random number but don't want the numbers to change every time the cell is calculated, you can enter =RAND () in the formula bar, and then press F9 to change the formula to a random number. The formula will calculate and leave you with ...
Applies To: Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Excel for the web, Excel 2021, Excel 2021 for Mac, Excel 2019, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel 2016, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel for Mac 2011, Excel Starter 2010