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Enable cookies

Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, in the menu bar, ... In the Content settings dialog box, under Cookies, make sure Allow local data to be set ... In the History section under Firefox will, select Use custom settings for history. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked and Accept third party cookies is set to Always, and then ...
Applies To: Lync Web App for Lync Online, Lync Web App, Lync Web App operated by 21Vianet

Change or reset Internet Explorer settings

Open Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet options. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, select Reset. In the box, Are you sure you want to reset all Internet Explorer settings?, select Reset. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, select Close, and then select OK. Restart your PC to apply changes.

Change security and privacy settings for Internet Explorer 11

Security zones. By changing the security settings, you can customize how Internet Explorer helps protect your PC from potentially harmful or malicious web content. Internet Explorer automatically assigns all websites to a security zone: Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, or Restricted sites. Each zone has a different default security ...

Internet Explorer Ease of Access options

Zoom in on a webpage, change colors and fonts, and do other tasks in Internet Explorer that help improve accessibility and readability when browsing the web. ... Select a predefined zoom level, or select a custom level by selecting Custom and entering a zoom value. Make text larger or smaller. ... To override all font and color settings for ...

Make the switch from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge

At the top corner of the browser, select Settings and more > Settings . Under Settings, do any of the following: To change appearance, select Appearance and make the changes you want to your default theme, zoom, toolbar, and fonts. To change startup behavior, select On startup, and then select what you want Microsoft Edge to display on startup.

Option to disable JScript execution in Internet Explorer

Click OK, and then restart Internet Explorer. To restrict JScript from executing scripts for emulated applications such as a 32-bit application running on a 64-bit device, follow these steps: Click Start, click Run, type regedt32 or regedit, and then click Ok. To disable the emulated application, locate the following registry subkey in Registry ...

Option to disable JScript execution in Internet Explorer

After you apply these settings, Internet Explorer will not run JScript from websites that use Internet Explorer’s legacy document modes (Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions), and that are in the Internet Zone or Restricted Sites Zone. To restore JScript execution in a Security Zone, set the value of the corresponding registry subkey to 0 ...

Accessibility and hot keys

This can be done by navigating with Tab (forward) and Shift+Tab (backward) on the various control elements. To select a button or open a menu, use the spacebar or Enter key on the keyboard. Menus will expand on selection. To navigate through menu items, press the up and down arrow keys and continue tabbing through to select a menu item.

Group Policy settings are set back to factory settings in GPMC in Windows Server 2012 R2

For example, the home page of Internet Explorer is set back to a blank page. Note If you press Esc under other tabs, this issue doesn't occur. Issue 2. When you use GPMC to update a policy setting for Windows Internet Explorer 9 or an earlier version of Internet Explorer, the name of the policy setting is reset.
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