Allow or Block Cookies in the new Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, select Menu (3 dots icon on top right corner of the browser) > Settings > Site permissions > Cookies and site data

  2. Turn on "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" to unblock cookies

  3. Turn on "Block third-party cookies" or add desired sites in "Block" section to block the cookies.

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Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge and then select Settings and more > Settings > Site permissions.; Select Cookies and site data.Here you can set specific controls for cookies. Select See all cookies and site data to view all cookies saved on your device.

Temporarily allow cookies and site data in Microsoft Edge

new Microsoft Edge . sets tracking prevention to balanced by default. For increased protection, you can switch your tracking prevention to strict or block all third-party cookies. Sometimes, these privacy protections might cause parts of sites to not work correctly.

Microsoft Edge, browsing data, and privacy – Microsoft privacy

The . new Microsoft Edge . helps you browse, search, shop online, and more. Like all modern browsers, Microsoft Edge lets you collect and store specific data on your device, like cookies, and lets you send information to us, like browsing history, to make the experience as rich, fast, and personal as possible.

Enabling cookies for Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Community

To enable cookies on Microsoft Edge, follow these steps: Launch Edge. Click More located on the top-right corner and select Settings. Scroll down and click View advanced settings. Under Cookies, choose Don't block cookies. Update us with the results. Hi, the solution doesn't solved for me as well.
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NEW microsoft edge has problems with cookies ...

NEW microsoft edge has problems with cookies hi everyone! everytime i access the website asks me to log in and to use the OTP afterwards even if i've checked the "remember me on this computer" when inserting the password and i check the option to not ask for the OTP again on this browser.
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What folder are cookies in? - Microsoft Community

Type: shell:cookies Hit Enter To clear cookies: In Microsoft Edge: In the top right, click the Hub icon (looks like three horizontal lines). Click the History icon, and then select Clear all history. Select Browsing history, then Cookies and saved website data, and then Cached data and files. Click Clear. After the "All Clear!"
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Viewing and managing individual cookies in Edge ...

Open the Microsoft Edge. Access a website that you want to view and manage its cookies. Press F12 key. Select Debugger tab. On the left pane, double-click on Cookies. Once opened all cookies relevant to the page (based on top URL) will be displayed in a grid with columns for; Name, Value, Domain, Path, Expires time, HTTP (only), Secure (only ...
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Eliminar las cookies en Microsoft Edge

Abre Microsoft Edge y, a continuación, selecciona Configuración y más > Configuración > Privacidad y servicios. En Borrar datos de navegación, selecciona Elegir qué se debe borrar cada vez que se cierra el explorador. Activa el botón de alternancia Cookies y otros datos del sitio.

Delete and manage cookies - Windows Help

The new Microsoft Edge provides world-class performance with more privacy, more productivity, and more value. Get the new Microsoft Edge now. Cookies are small files that websites put on your PC to store info about your preferences. Cookies can improve your browsing experience by allowing sites to remember your preferences or by letting you ...

View and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings and more > Settings > Site permissions to see a list for each website, including location, cookies, pop-ups, and media autoplay. On your device: Hosted app data: Info web apps store on your device. This includes data from the Microsoft Store. To see the apps saved to Microsoft Edge, go to Settings and more > Apps > Manage apps.
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