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1. Set up file/printer sharing between the computers in your Local Area Network (Workgroup). 2. Create matching usernames/passwords on all computers which will share the resources since authentication in a Workgroup is done on the local machine. Here are general network troubleshooting steps.
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How to set up XP mode in Windows 7 to browse the network ...

3.Verify that you use the correct workgroup name. In the virtual XP environment, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click System. On the Computer Name tab, click Change. Make sure that the workgroup name is same as the workgroup name for all the computers on your network. If not, change the workgroup name. 4.

You cannot access shared files and folders or browse ...

On Windows XP-based computers that are configured as members of a workgroup in a peer-to-peer network environment, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms: You cannot access shared folders or files. You cannot locate other computers in the workgroup.

XP pro computer cant see XP home computer in workgroup ...

XP pro computer cant see XP home computer in workgroup I started a workgroup using the network wizard on both computers. They seem to be set up the same. I can see the files on the pro computer just fine from the home computer but cant get it to work the other way. I can ping both computers from the other one using either ip or name and I have ...
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File sharing Between Windows XP and Windows 10 - Microsoft ...

7. When I first set up the network, I could connect from the Xp machine to both 10 machines and vice-versa, but I could only connect from the windows 10 machines in one direction. 8. I added the user accounts from windows 10 to my windows xp workgroup.
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Networking a Windows 10 PC and a Windows XP PC - Microsoft ...

The Windows XP machine (Computer Name SHC-Storage) can view/edit etc folders and files on the Windows 10 machine (Computer Name SHC-Study) through 'My Network Places' as shown in this screen view:-However the Windows 10 machine only recognises the presence of the XP machine under it's Network listing as shown on the next screen shot:-
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Win 7 cannot see a workgroup device, but xp on the same ...

I have a Dell Studio XPS, with Win7 and XP set up to dualboot. Both installations use the same IP address. The XP installation can see my Linksys SMB media server in its 'WORKGROUP' workgroup. A desktop running Win 7 can see the Linksys media server. A mac running OSx can see the linksys. The Win 7 laptop can no longer see the Linksys.
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Unable to setup a workgroup in windows 10 - Microsoft ...

I have been trying to setup a workgroup in windows 10. Unfortunately, each time I try to create it, I am told Windows cant set up a workgroup on this computer. The computer will not even allow me to join another workgroup even with the correct access password. Surely it cant be a major issue to carry out what should be a simple procedure.
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A step-by-step procedure for creating a two-computer ...

[The PC can then be set up to bypass the need for logging on every time as explained later]. 2 Create an identical Admin user name, such as XP-7NetAdmin, with an identical Admin password on each of the PCs. This is also necessary for network permissions to operate correctly. Check that this has been set up with Admin status.
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Windows 10 will not connect to other PC's on workgroup ...

Without any changes from my original 8.1 setup using (5) PC's on workgroup network both wired and wireless I set the Windows 10 unit to homegroup (also) and each of the other (4) units. Now I can connect from all the other (4) 8.1 units as I did before to the Windows 10 unit and can connect from the Windows 10 unit to (3) of the four 8.1 units.
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