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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

If you back it can get it back

Our final article for Cybersecurity Awareness Month shows you how to backup and restore your data so you can recover from natural, or man-made, disasters.

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A cartoon of a laptop with the Windows Security logo on the screen. Stay secure with Windows 10

Windows 10 makes it easier to stay secure with built-in protection using Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

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An illustration of a person using a laptop connected to the crowd. Create and use strong passwords

Chances are you're still dependent on usernames and passwords to secure your accounts. 

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Conceptual: A person with a fishing pole pulling data out of a smartphone. Protect yourself from phishing

Criminals are constantly trying to trick you into revealing your personal information.

Recognize & report phishing attacks

A cartoon of a laptop with the update logo on the screen. Keep your PC up to date

Windows Update automatically installs the latest updates and security improvements.

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Add an extra layer of security with Personal Vault

Protect your most important files, like your passport, driver’s license, or insurance information with OneDrive Personal Vault.

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