For Microsoft devices, sustainability is integral to our mission to build products that empower every person and organization to achieve more. From product design through sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and product end-of-life, we’re driven to make a difference with our products—both in how our customers create with them and in the impact their development has on our environment.

We have a longstanding commitment to maximize product life, minimize waste, use more renewable resources, and improve the modularity, repairability, and recyclability of our devices—including our packaging. We are also working with our industry partners to make available more repair options that ensure the quality of repairs, safeguard consumer’s privacy and security, and help protect consumers from injury. 
On January 1, 2021, France introduced a new Repairability Index for five categories of electronic devices, including smartphones and laptops. The aim of this new Repairability Index is to inform customers about available repair options for a product prior to purchase.

The Repairability Index is a score ranging from 0 to 10/10, calculated based on five criteria:

  • Documentation: A score determined by the manufacturer’s commitment to make technical documents available free of charge, in number of years, to repairers and consumers.

  • Disassembly, tools, and fasteners: A score determined by how easy it is to disassemble the product, the type of tools needed, and the characteristics of the fasteners.

  • Availability of spare parts: A score determined by the length of time the manufacturer commits to makes spare parts available for the product and the time it takes to deliver them.

  • Price of spare parts: A score determined by the ratio of the sale price of spare parts to the price of the product.

  • Product specific: A score determined by sub-criteria specific to the product category concerned, which may include availability of remote support, software updates, and resets.

For Surface Repairability Index and the parameters used to calculate the Repairability Index, see Surface Indice de réparabilité pour la France (in French).

For more info about the French repairability index, see Indice de réparabilité on the Ministère de la Transition écologique website (in French).

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