To get your Surface Duo set up the way you want, start by pressing the Power button on the right side of your Surface Duo, choose your language, and then follow the steps below.

Surface Duo closed with Power button on the right

1. Get connected

When prompted, insert your SIM card to set up a mobile network connection to your carrier’s network.

After that, select your home Wi-Fi network (or another one you trust). If you connect to Wi-Fi, we'll check for updates during setup.

2. Start from a backup or start fresh

Choose how you want to set up your Surface Duo:

  • A backup from an Android phone. Copy data wirelessly from an existing Android device to your Surface Duo.

  • A backup from the cloud. Start from a backup of your current Android device that you have stored in your Google Account.

  • An iPhone device. Use this if you have an iPhone and Surface Duo is your first Android device.

  • Don’t copy. Set up your Surface Duo as a new device from the start.

3. Sign in to your Google Account and Microsoft account

Sign in to your Google Account to get access to your email, photos, and files you have in Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and more.

Sign in to your Microsoft account to use Microsoft 365 and Microsoft mobile apps—including Outlook, Office, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Microsoft Edge, and more. Your Microsoft account typically ends in,, or (Some apps and features may require a wireless plan, additional subscriptions, or fees.)

You can choose to sign in to both accounts, just one account, or none—it’s up to you. When you sign in to each account, you’ll have the chance to review the terms of service, change system settings, and choose your privacy preferences for each one. This lets you choose what works best for you and what you want to do with your Surface Duo.

4. Add a PIN and fingerprint

Help protect your Surface Duo by adding a PIN and a fingerprint to unlock the screen on your Surface Duo. You can choose to add a PIN and a fingerprint, a PIN only, or neither. (We don’t recommend the last one.)

If you choose to add a fingerprint now, you’ll be prompted to place your thumb or index finger on the fingerprint reader. It’s located on the right side of your Surface Duo and right below the Power button. You’ll need to lift your finger and place it down on the fingerprint reader several times until your fingerprint is added.

Surface Duo with fingerprint reader called out

5. Get quick tips to get going

Go through the tips to learn some of the basics for getting around your Surface Duo. For more tips, just tap the Tips app on your Home screen.

What's next?

Now that you’ve gone through setup, here are some things you might want to do next:

  • Learn the basics about getting around on your Surface Duo. Open the Tips app or check out the following resources to help you get started:

  • Download apps and games from the Google Play Store. On your Home screen, tap Play Store, and then choose your favorite apps or find new ones.

  • Add other personal and work accounts you use. On your Home screen, tap Settings, then tap Accounts > Add account.

  • See your photos. Depending on the accounts you signed in with, you can get to your existing files and photos from different places on your Surface Duo. For example, tap Photos to get to photos in your Google Account, or tap OneDrive for photos in your Microsoft account.

  • Get to your files in the cloud. On your Home screen, tap the Google folder, then tap Drive to get to your files on Google Drive. To get to your documents and files in your Microsoft account, tap OneDrive.

  • Text someone. At the bottom of the screen, tap Messages, then send a text message or reply to one you’ve received.

  • Give someone a call. At the bottom of your screen, tap Phone, then call who you want.

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