Adding the distribution accounts to check with stub on top and bottom and having each account just show the amount distributed to that account

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I have already gone through TechKnowledge article #3306, "Payables Distribution Account on the Payables Check with Stub on Top and Bottom," but each of my account distributions shows the total amount of the invoice. Is there a way that I can have each account show just the amount that is being distributed to that account?


Yes, you can do this by following the steps below:

1. Within Report Writer, choose the Check with Stub on Top and Bottom Report that you are using and click open.

2. Click on the layout button in the Report Definition window.

3. Choose Calculated Fields from the toolbox and choose New.

4. Give the Calculated Field a name and choose the result type of Currency and choose the Conditional radio button.

5. Under the fields tab, select the PM Distribution Work Open table in the resources field.

6. Choose Debit Amount for the field and click add.

7. Under operators, choose the = sign.

8. Within the Constants tab, choose integer and type in the number 0. Choose Add.

9. In the True Case, enter the debit amount for the expression by repeating steps 5 and 6.

10. In the False Case, enter the credit amount for the expression by repeating steps 5 and 6, except select Credit Amount instead of Debit Amount in Step 6. Then click OK on the Calculated Fields Definition window.

11. Delete the Amount Remaining field, and drag the Conditional Calculated Field that you created to take it's place.

12. Launch back into Dynamics/eEnterprise, and grant access to the modified report under Setup-System-Security.

Each distribution line will now show the amount actually being distributed to the account instead of the total of the invoice.

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