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How to add Vertical lines in Report Writer?


The drawing tools can be used to create vertical lines. Drawing tools will be available only when you are working with a graphics report. To make a report graphical, unmark text report in the Report Definition window.

The line tool is used to draw lines in the report layout. Specify the line pen size and color using the Drawing Options window. To do so, highlight the line once it has been placed on the report, then go to Tools | Report Drawing Options.

If you would like the line to extend down the entire length of your report, start the line in the top section of the report, and draw it the desired length. Keep in mind that there are 72 pixels per inch. If you would like the line to extend from top to bottom of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper, the line must be 612 pixels long (72 x 8.5). This line will only print if the section in which you started the line prints on the report. For example, if there is both a page header and a report header on your report, the report header will print on the first page of the report and the page header will print on every page thereafter. If the vertical line starts in the report header section, the line will only appear on the first page of the report. To add it to the other pages, you must start another vertical line in the page header section of the report.

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