Consider the following scenario:

  • You install Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) on a Lync Server 2010 server in a virtualized environment.

  • You run a BPA scan.

  • You view the BPA report after the scan is completed.

In this scenario, the following item is unexpectedly listed in the All Issues tab as an error item:

Server <servername> is running VMware virtualization software. See Lync Server 2010 virtualization whitepaper for implementation details.

Note The expected action is that the item is listed in the Information Items tab. 

Additionally, if you select the Tree Report view, the name of the root node is displayed as Microsoft Lync Server 1010.

Note The expected name of the root node is Microsoft Lync Server 2010.


This issue occurs because the "fComputerVMWareDetected" virtual machine detection rule in the rtcbpa.CommonTypes.xml configuration file incorrectly defines the "VMWare detected" title as "Error".

Note By default, rtcbpa.CommonTypes.xml is located in the following path on the server:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\BPA\en


To resolve this issue, install the cumulative update:

2672346 Description of the cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Best Practices Analyzer: February 2013

More Information

For more information about Best Practices Analyzer, go to following Microsoft website:

General information about Best Practices Analyzer For more information about server virtualization in Microsoft Lync Server 2010, download the file in the following Microsoft website:

Server Virtualization in Microsoft Lync Server 2010 For more information about how to run in virtualized environment, go to following Microsoft website:

How to run in a virtualized environment

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