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Assign quizzes to students through Microsoft Teams

You can send a Forms quiz to students using the Assignments feature in Microsoft Teams. Students can take quizzes—and you can grade them—without leaving Teams.

Assign a quiz to students in Teams 

  1. Navigate to the desired class team, then select Assignments.

  2. Select Create > Quiz. 

  3. Select + New Quiz to create a new quiz or select an existing one. Use the search bar if you don't see the quiz you're looking for right away.

Note: If you select +New quiz, a new web browser window will open on your device. Create your quiz in Forms, then return to Teams. Your new quiz will now be available to select and assign to students. 

Select a quiz from Forms to add to your assignment

Once you select your desired quiz, it will appear in your assignment under Instructions. Enter the rest of your desired assignment settings, then select Assign.

Students will be able to submit the quiz directly in Teams, where you can then grade it.

Note: Forms automatically calculates points earned for multiple-choice questions. See the Grade a quiz in Teams section of this article for details on reviewing and returning quiz results.

Grade and return feedback to students 

  1. Select Assignments in the desired class team, then select your quiz.

    By default, assignments will appear in order of due date and show how many students have submitted each one.

    Select a quiz with student work that's ready for review.

  2. In the To return tab, you can see all students assigned the quiz and the status of their work: Not turned inViewed, and Turned in.

    Select Turned in next to a student's name to review. 

    Select a student's quiz to grade.

    Tip: You can open multiple quizzes to review and grade at a time. In the To return tab, select the Status dropdown to sort students by assignment status. Select the checkboxes for students who have turned in work, then select the highlighted group to open.

    Select multiple quiz assignments to review and grade.

  3. The assignment grading view will open to a student's quiz results. As you review, you can: 

    Select Review next to move from question to question as you review a student's quiz.

    Select Review next to move through and review your student's quiz.

    See auto-graded multiple-choice responses. Forms will already have calculated points, but you can edit the score to award partial or extra credit.

    Start reviewing and grading.

    Give feedback   Give feedback icon on a single response. 

    Review short-answer and essay responses and add points.

    Assign points on some answers to quiz questions.

    Select   Give feedback icon  at the top of the quiz to provide comments for the whole quiz. 

    Give a student feedback on their quiz effort.

    When working with multiple turned-in quizzes at a time, use the dropdown menu in the People tab to move between students.

  4. To post a student's score and return their graded quiz to them, select More options More options button  > Post scores.

    Select Post scores to submit grades and return graded work.

    Select Post to submit final feedback and points.

    Select Post to return quiz results and feedback to students.

  5. Return to and refresh the assigned quiz. Quizzes you've graded and returned will show in the Returned tab.

When you need to collect responses from your students outside of a quiz scenario, you can still use Assignments to distribute a form or survey that you made in Forms. 

  1. In Microsoft Forms, select the form or survey you want to assign. 

    My forms main page

  2. In the Share menu dropdown, copy the link to the form.

    Copy link to share form

    Note: Make sure the viewing permissions are set according to your needs for the scenario—for assigning to students, Only people in my organization can respond ensures privacy within your school or district, while Anyone with the link can respond can be useful for sending forms to families. 

  3. Open Teams and navigate to the Assignments tab in your class team. Just as you would create a new assignment for an essay, project, select Create > Assignment.

  4. Fill in your assignment instructions and select Add resources

  5. In the Resources menu, select the Link tab, then paste in the Form link you copied earlier and enter display text. Select Attach. 

  6. Fill out any remaining assignment details, then select Assign. 

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