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Learn something new

Boost reading and comprehension

What are Learning Tools?

Learning Tools are a set of features available in Microsoft OneNote, Word, and more that allow you to improve and build on your literacy skills, including comprehension, reading fluency, and written expression.

Use the Immersive Reader button to launch a full-screen reading experience. Once launched, you press Play to hear your text read out loud at a speed you choose, change screen colors and line spacing to make things easier to read, read just a few lines at a time, break sentences into syllables, or select a word to hear it read and see a picture.

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Learning Tools feature

Proven benefits

Enhanced dictation

Improves authoring text

Line focus

Sustains attention and improves reading speed

Immersive reading

Improves comprehension and sustains attention

Adjustable line and font spacing

Enhances reading speed by addressing "visual crowding"

Parts of speech

Supports grammar instruction and comprehension


Targets word recognition and pronunciation

Comprehension mode

Improves comprehension by an average of 10%

Where to find Learning Tools

Learning Tools is available for free in apps you might already use, like Word, OneNote, Outlook, Edge, or Office Lens. Learn more about where to find it or check out the full list of features, products, and supported languages.

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