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After updating to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910, either of the following two symptoms may occur.

  1. After deleting a setting from the Co-management node in the Configuration Manager console, the Configure co-management option is unexpectedly grayed out and unavailable. This blocks you from re-enabling co-management.

  2. Changes are not saved in the Properties window of the co-management setting.

These symptoms may occur on sites that updated from Configuration Manager version 1906 where the co-management feature is used with pilot workloads.


The following steps should be performed on the server hosting the SMS Provider for the affected site. They are not intended for use on issues outside of the two scenarios described in this article.
The goal is to remove existing co-management settings information from WMI so that it may be added back from the Configuration Manager console.

Note: If you are seeing Issue 2 listed above, you must first delete the co-management settings from the Co-management node under Cloud Services in the Administration workspace. Follow the remainder of the steps below afterward, or if Issue 1 is the only symptom.

After completing these steps you will need to run the Co-management Configuration Wizard to repeat the onboarding process.

  1. Launch WBEMTEST from the command prompt or Run line as an administrator.

  2. Click the Connect… button

  3. In the Namespace window, enter root\sms\site_sitecode, where sitecode is the three letter code for the affected site (such as root\sms\site_ABC)  and click the Connect... button

  4. Click on the Query… button to enter the following, then click Apply.

    SELECT * FROM SMS_ConfigurationPolicy WHERE CategoryInstance_UniqueIDs = 'SettingsAndPolicy:SMS_CoManagementSettings'

    The Query Result window should return a list of objects with the format SMS_ConfigurationPolicy.CI_ID={guid}

  5. Select and delete all objects in the result list, then click the Close button.

  6. Click on the Query… button again to enter the following, then click Apply.

    SELECT * FROM SMS_ConfigurationPolicyAssignment WHERE AssignmentName = 'E3F913BB-98F4-4301-9032-C6D1D4891E0A'

  7. Delete any objects that are returned, click the Close button and exit WBEMTEST.
    Note: There may be no results returned from the query above.

  8. The Configure co-management button should now be available in the Configuration Manager console. Any future property changes will be saved correctly.


How to enable co-management in Configuration Manager

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