This article lists the minimum system requirements that are needed to play Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theatre.


To play Combat Flight Simulator 2, you need:

  • Multimedia PC with a 266 MHz Pentium or higher processor

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later operating system, or Microsoft
    Windows 2000 operating system

  • 32 megabytes (MB) or more of random access memory (RAM) for
    Windows 95 or later, or 64 MB or more of RAM for Windows 2000

  • 350 MB of available hard disk space (an additional 50MB of space
    is required if DirectX 7 or later is not already installed)*

  • Microsoft DirectX 7 or later (DirectX 7 included on game CD-ROM)

  • Quad-speed (4X) or faster CD-ROM drive

  • A Super VGA video adapter and monitor capable of supporting High
    Color (16 bit) at a screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels (a
    Direct3D 7-compatible video adapter or 3D graphics accelerator
    card with 4 MB or more of video RAM recommended)

  • A Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • A DirectX 7-compatible joystick or flight yoke (recommended)**

  • A Microsoft DirectSound 7-compatible sound card with speakers or
    headphones for audio playback

* Microsoft recommends that you keep at least 50 MB of space available on your hard disk for Windows to use as virtual memory

** Combat Flight Simulator 2 supports force-feedback game controllers

Requirements for multiplayer play:

  • A 28,800 bits-per-second (bps) or faster modem, a local area
    network (LAN) with TCP/IP or IPX network protocol, or a null-modem
    cable required for connection to other computers

  • To play Combat Flight Simulator 2 on, you need
    one of the following Web browsers:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

    • Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later

    NOTE: Internet access may require the payment of a separate
    fee to an Internet service provider (ISP). Connect time charges
    may apply.

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