Common issues with an Okidata Microline 321 printer

The information in this document applies to:

- Great Plains on Microsoft SQL Server

- Great Plains Standard on c-tree

- Great Plains Standard on MSDE

- Great Plains Standard on Pervasive.SQL


This article discusses some of the common issues with an Okidata Microline 321 printer.


1. An Okidata Microline 321 (9-pin) printer has adriver titled Oki9.drv. Reports are printing in High Quality even if youselect Draft Quality. The printer is locally attached to the workstation andit will not print in Draft Quality.

A. Change the driver to the Ml320.drv. This driver is available from Okidata.

B. Makesure Print Quality is set to Draft. This can be checkedin the Document Defaults for the printer. You will need to have administrator rights on the workstation to set this.

C. Makesure the report you are printing is not set to 17cpi. Modify the report to be 10cpi or 12cpi.

D. Add the line Tolerance=100 to the Dex.ini file on each workstation; this will use the printer fonts that are set by Great Plains.

2. AnOkidata Microline 321 printer using the Epson Emulation driveris printing slowly.

There is a known problem with Okidata printers and printing 17cpi reports. The problem is that the 17cpi printer font is printing in Letter Quality. This is coded in the driver and this has been confirmed with Okidata. The reason that this is hard coded in the drivers is that the font is small and needs to be printed in detail in order for all of the characters to print correctly. If you use a 10cpi font instead, the printer will print in Draft and at a better speed. Best Fit reports may also print faster if the report is less than 96 characters wide. The modified reports are probably using 10cpi orBest Fit. Any preprinted forms (Check or Invoices) will print with a 17cpi font. Many Great Plains reports are 132 characters wide and are set to Best Fit, and this will also choose a 17cpi font.

3.AnOkidata ML321 Turbo printer using theML320t.drv print driveris printing slowly.Theprinter is set on High Speed Draft, but when the report prints, it changes to Near Letter Quality (NLQ).The report is set for Best Fit.

Change the printer to print on Draft using the Epson FX286e driver with the IBM emulation setting on the printer. The emulation mode needs to be changed on the printer.

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