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Use Parent Connection in your class teams to easily see the names of your students' parents and guardians and reach out to them via Teams chat. They will receive invitations to join your Teams chat in the email they've given to the school. 

Learn more about Parent Connection and how its features can benefit you and the students in your class!

Note: Your school's IT Admin manages settings for Parent Connection. 

Parent Connection in your class team

Find Parent Connection within an individual class team along with the other apps enabled for your class (Assignments, Grades, Class Notebook, and Insights).

In Parent Connection, you'll be able to find a roster of parents and guardians associated with each student (roster data is provided by School Data Sync). 

Click to call and email

Communicate with parents/guardians through Parent Connection in your class team.

Select a parent/guardian to view their direct contact information, including their personal email address and phone number. Select their phone number to initiate a call or their email address to launch your default mail client and draft a new outgoing message. 

Screenshot of educator's view of parent/guardian contact information in Microsoft Teams for Education.

Reach out with Teams chat

You can create a Teams chat from the parent/guardian roster to connect with your students' families. Just like your other Teams chats, this chat shows up in your chat pane and is searchable from the search bar in Teams.

Screenshot of educator view of chatting with parents in Microsoft Teams.

What parents/guardians see 

Once you initiate a chat to a parent or guardian, they'll receive your message and invitation via email and be prompted to join the Teams chat.

To help parents and guardians get started, share this resource on how to connect with educators in Teams.

Mobile screenshot of educator's invitation to join conversation on Teams.

A parent/guardian sends a Teams message to their child's teacher

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