With Link to Windows on your Android device and the Your Phone app on your PC, your opportunities are limitless. Seamlessly transfer content between your devices, use your mobile apps right on your PC, and more. 

Currently, Link to Windows is available on the Surface Duo devices and select Samsung devices (in select markets). Here are a few examples of devices with Link to Windows available:

  • Surface Duo

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  • Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Find the full list of available devices here.

Setting up Link to Windows on your Surface Duo or Samsung device

You'll need both your Windows 10 PC and your eligible Android device to be nearby, turned on, and connected to Wi-Fi. The Your Phone app is already installed on your PC if you have the Windows 10 May 2019 Update or later.

On your PC:

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type your phone and select Your Phone from the results.

  2. Select Get started.

  3. You’ll be asked to sign into your Microsoft account. Make sure to use the same one that you're signed in with on your Samsung device.

  4. Follow the instructions to finish linking your devices.

On your Surface Duo or Samsung device:

  1. Swipe downwards from the top of your screen to reveal your Android Notification (for Surface Duo) or Quick Access (for Samsung devices) panel.

  2. Tap Link to Windows.

  3. Sign in with the same Microsoft account you’re using on your PC.

  4. When prompted, tap to allow permissions.

The name of your Windows 10 PC will appear below Link to Windows when your devices successfully connect.

If you encounter issues while setting up Link to Windows, our troubleshooting tips may help. 

Staying connected while your device is closed or folded

The Your Phone app and all of its features will continue to work as long as your device is turned on and connected to the internet. 

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