Microsoft Edge helps you stay informed about the health of your passwords. If you’ve reused your password, your password is weak, or it matches with one found in a  public dump of leaked credentials somewhere on the internet, it needs to be updated to make your account secure again. Microsoft Edge now offers you the capability to help update your passwords quickly and seamlessly—across all your devices. 

Update passwords from Settings 

There are two ways to update your saved passwords from Settings in Microsoft Edge: 

  1. Go to edge://settings/passwords/passwordMonitor, and next to the password that needs to be updated, select Change.

  2. Go to edge://settings/passwords, and next to the password that needs to be updated, select More actionsChange.

 For some websites, when you select Change, the browser will take you directly to the change password form and will automatically fill it with your info. Just review and submit your info, and Microsoft Edge will automatically save your new password across all your connected devices. 

Update passwords on a webpage

You can also update your passwords when you open a change password form on a website. 

  1. Click on any field in the change password form, such as “Existing password” or “New password”.

  2. You’ll see a drop-down message offering to autofill the relevant spaces in the form with a new, stronger password.

  3. Select the suggestion to fill in the password.

  4. Submit the new password to the website. The browser will automatically save and update your saved password with the new one.

Note: This feature only works if you’ve saved one username and password for a given website. If there is more than one saved account, Microsoft Edge won’t suggest a new password.  

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