DeployR memory limit defaults on Windows platforms

On Windows platforms, both the R session created by Rserve and Apache Tomcat used by DeployR have default memory limits of 2 GB. To transfer data and perform operations that may require more memory, these defaults can be increased.

Rserve R session memory limit:

To increase the memory available to the R session, add the following to the beginning of R scripts that may create objects too large for 2 GB of RAM:


where ##### is the amount of memory to make available to the R session (in MB) up to the amount of physical memory available.


Apache Tomcat POST limit:

Apache Tomcat has a default POST message size limit of 2 GB. If it is necessary to increase this to transfer larger DeployR messages, edit Tomcat's C:\Revolution\DeployR-7.1\Apache_Tomcat\conf\server.xmland add maxPostSize="0" to the Connector stanza as shown below:

<Connector port="7100" protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol" 
redirectPort="7101" />

Restart Apache Tomcat/DeployR.

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