Description of performance issues that may occur in Microsoft FRx when you are using an antivirus program

Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta 3.0 is now part of Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0. All references to Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta and Microsoft Axapta pertain to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This article describes performance issues that may occur in Microsoft FRx when you are using an antivirus program.


If you are using antivirus software, it may take longer than expected to log on to Microsoft FRx and to generate reports. This behavior may occur if the following conditions are true:

  • You are using a shared SysData folder on the network.

  • Network scanning is enabled in your antivirus program.

The Microsoft FRx configuration uses Microsoft Access files. The antivirus program will try to scan the following items:

  • All the configuration .mdb files

  • All the report definition files

When you log on to Microsoft FRx, the text "Obtaining license" appears on the status bar of the Microsoft FRx workspace. After this text appears, the text "Reading company file" appears. Then, the text "Checking database structure" appears. If you do not wait for the logon process to be completed, Microsoft FRx stops responding (hangs). To make sure that the logon process has been completed, wait several minutes after the text "Ready" appears on the status bar.

Note This behavior also occurs when you change companies.

To determine how a shared SysData folder affects Microsoft FRx performance, install a new Microsoft FRx installation locally together with a local SysData folder. Then, test this configuration against a configuration that uses a shared SysData folder on the network.

In most antivirus programs, you can disable network scanning. When you disable network scanning, Microsoft FRx works as expected.

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