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This article describes the Windows PowerShell issues that are fixed in Cumulative Update 3 (CU3) for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager. Other CU3 fixes are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

2994331 Description of Cumulative Update 3 for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

Issues that are fixed

  • Get-CMAssetIntelligenceSynchronizationPoint returns a null object, and this causes a NullReferenceException error when used together with Remove-CMAssetIntelligenceSynchronizationPoint.

  • New-CMTaskSequence does not accept a null or empty value for the -InstallationProductKey parameter.

  • The CertificateExpirationTimeUtc parameter is ignored by the Set-CMDistributionPoint cmdlet.

  • New-CMTaskSequenceMedia returns an InvalidOperationException error when used with the CaptureMediaOption parameter.

  • The New-CMMigrationJob cmdlet returns errors that resemble the following when a nested collection is pasted to the -MigrationCollection parameter:

    New-CMMigrationJob : Select at least one collection to continue

  • Add-CMReportingServicePoint cmdlet does not correctly create a reporting services point.

  • Cmdlets that reference objects that are returned by the Get-CMDevice cmdlet trigger errors that resemble the following:

    InvalidArgument: (:) [New-CMDeviceVariable], ParameterBindingArgumentTransformationException

  • The -EnableProgramAfterAdvertisementMigrated parameter of the New-CMMigrationJob cmdlet does not enable the specified program.

  • Set-CMAccount returns a NullReferenceException error when it's used with the inputObject parameter.

  • Get-CMBaselineXMLDefinition returns no results when it's run without parameters. The -Name parameter is now required.

  • Update-CMClientStatus -Force causes a confirmation window to be displayed on the client.

  • Set-CMWindowsFirewallPolicy returns an exception when the -Priority parameter is specified.

  • A secondary site database name is incorrectly created when New-CMSecondarySite is used with the CopySQLServerExpressOnSecondarySite parameter.

  • Import-CMDriver always returns “Invalid Object Path” even when the specified driver is successfully imported.

  • Common *-Item parameters, such as -WhatIf, do not function as expected with CMSite PSDrive.

  • New-CMComputerAssociation returns a NullReferenceException error.

  • New-CMTaskSequenceMedia returns an InvalidOperationException error when it's used with the -CaptureMediaOption parameter.

  • New-CMSiteSystemServer causes PowerShell to exit unexpectedly.

Additional changes

  • Multiple cmdlets are revised to better handle large (several thousand objects) result sets.

    • Start-CMApplicationDeployment type runs faster in environments that contain many (75-plus) applications.

  • Multiple cmdlets are revised to support wildcard characters for some parameters, including the following:

    • Get-CMDeploymentPackage

    • Get-CMDeploymentType

    • Get-CMSiteMaintenanceTask

    • Get-CMStatusReportingComponent

    • Remove-CMDeploymentType

    • Remove-CMDeployment

    • Remove-CMUserCollectionFromDistributionPointGroup

    • Remove-CMDeviceCollectionFromDistributionPointGroup

  • Set-CMDeploymentType no longer lets you use –ContentLocation with AppV or AppV5X deployment types.

  • Set-CMDeviceCollection now supports the setting of collection schedules with new –RefreshSchedule and –RefreshType parameters.

  • Set-CMDeviceOwnership now returns clear error messages in the case of a nonexistent device name.

  • Multiple cmdlets are revised to support object pipelining. These include cmdlets that are used for creating, setting, and removing site roles, applications, collections, programs, and packages.

Known issues

  • The Set-CMDistributionPoint –ComputersUsePxePassword parameter may not save a valid password in the database.

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