Either all budgets or fees should have receivable accounts or all None after running Cycle Biller

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Question: After I ran cycle biller, I'm receiving this error message Either all budgets or fees should have receivable accounts or all None . I get this when I'm in the distribution button, in billing entry and it will not let me post. What is wrong?


This error means some Projects, Cost Categories and/or Fees are posting to the Accounts Receivable account and some are not. The system cannot handle that so you need to look at your posting accounts and make sure that either all of your projects and fees are posting to Accounts Receivable and Sales or none of them are.

To check the posting accounts:
1. Go to Cards-Project-Project and select the project you are billing.
2. Click on the Print Icon button and select Budget and mark to Include Accounts.

This report will show the source of your accounts and the account numbers. Make sure all the cost categories you are billing do or do not have an account in the Accounts Receivable and Project

Sales/Revenue accounts.
Then if those are correct do the same thing for Fees:
1. From the Project Maintenance window click on the Print Icon.
2. Choose Fees and mark to Include Accounts.
Look for the accounts receivable and project sales/revenue accounts here also.

Once you fill in your accounts numbers, you will also need to delete the billing transaction and recreate it. If deleting the transaction isn't an option, you could go into the Time & Materials billing entry screen uncheck the boxes and check the boxes again, this will refresh the transactions to look for those accounts.

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