Employee Earnings History report Showing the Last Change and/or Specific Pay Codes

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When I print the Employee Earnings History report (located under Reports-Human Resources-Employee), it gives me every change that has ever occurred with all pay codes for employees. I don’t want all that information. Can I modify this report to show just the last change to the pay code and can I indicate which pay codes I want to see on this report?

Yes, you can modify this report to show the last change and specific pay codes. Follow the steps below.

****In order for this report to populate with data (in case this report isn’t showing you any information at all), you must have marked Enable Reason for Pay Adjustment under Setup-System-HR Preferences while you were making your adjustments to the pay code.****

Open Report Writer by going to Tools-Customize-Report Writer. Open the product Human Resources.

Click on the Reports icon on the toolbar.
Under original reports, find the HR Employee Earnings History. Insert it to the right.
Highlight the report on the right and click on Open.
In the Report Definition, choose the Layout button.
While the layout window is open, go to Tools-Report Section Options.
In the Additional Footers section, click on New.
Title the footer, Last Occurrence.
The Report Table should say HRP_Salary_History, in the Field box, click on Pay Record so it is highlighted.
Say OK and then say Ok again in the Report Section Options window.
You will see a new section on your layout called F1. Move all of your fields in the body to this section. You can click and drag them to the F1 section.
Then, double click each one of those fields and choose last occurrence as the field type instead of data and click ok.
Now, close the layout and save all changes.
Go to File-Great Plains Dynamics and save all changes if prompted.
Give security to the report under Setup-System-Security and choose your userID, Company, product is Human Resources, type is Modified Reports, and series is 3rd party.
Double-click the Employee Earnings History so an asterisk appears in front of it and say ok in this window.
Now, print your report under Reports-HR-Employee. You should see the last change that was made to the employees pay codes. If you also want to only see certain pay codes on this report, please add the following restriction.

Let’s say I have an hourly pay code set up called HOUR.

I only want to see this one pay code for employees.

In Report Writer, click on the Reports Icon and highlight the HR Employee Earnings History in the Reports window. Click on Open. In the Report Definition window, click on Restrictions.

Select New and title it HOUR Pay Code, or you can call it something specific to your own pay code.
In the Fields section, make sure the Report Table is the HRP_Salary_History.
Under Table fields, choose Pay Record.
Click on Add Field.
Click on the equal sign in the Operators section.
In the upper right hand corner of the window in the constants section, choose the type of String and in the Constant field type the name of your pay code. I will type HOUR here and click Add Constant.
Your expression below should read: HRP_Salary_History.Pay Record = “HOUR”

If you wanted to see a couple of pay codes, just add the operator OR to the end of this expression and follow steps 3-7 to add another pay code to the expression.
Say ok in the Report Restriction Definition window and close the Report Restrictions box.
Go to File-Great Plains Dynamics and say yes to save any changes. The report will now print only showing the pay codes that you’ve entered in your restriction.

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