Error 438 Object doesnt support the property or method when using eConnect SOAP sample.

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An error '438 Object doesn't support the property or method' is returned when trying to use the eConnect Soap Client. The SOAP SDK has been installed and the soap:address location in the eConnectSoapSample.wsdl file was edited to reflect the computer name and virtual directory created. What else can be done to resolve this problem?


Verify that the settings in the Connection Path are correct. The provider should be set equal to SQLOLEDB.1 and the data source the machine name where sql server is installed. If it still fails, recreate the .wsdl and .wsml files by following the steps below:


Make a backup of the existing eConnectSoapSample.wsdl and eConnectSoapSample.wsml files. They will be located in the Program Files\Microsoft Great Plains\eConnect\eConnect Samples\SOAP\eConnect SoapSamples\Service\Isapivb folder.


Navigate to Start > Programs > Microsoft SOAP Toolkit > WSDL Generator.


Click Next on the Welcome screen.


Name the WSDL file eConnectSoapSample and click the Select COM Object button to browse to the eConnect.dll. The default path for the .dll is Program Files\Microsoft Great Plains\eConnect\COM. Click Next.


In the Select the Service window, mark the checkbox next to both ExecProcXML and ExecStoredProcedure. Click Next.


On the SOAP Listener information window, set the URI to the servername and virtual directory where IIS is loaded. Click Next


Finally Specify the location for the new .wsdl and .wsml files. Browse to Program Files\Microsoft Great Plains\eConnect\eConnect Samples\SOAP\eConnect SoapSamples\Service\Isapivb. Click next to complete the process, you cannot click the Back button after this window. Click Yes to replace the existing.


On the Finished window, click Finish.


Run the eConnect Soap Client using the new .wsdl and .wsml files.

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