You may receive the following error when you install the Management Reporter 2012 Services:

Database configuration: The password could not be validated against the password policy


This error is typically caused by a connection problem to the SQL server that will host the Management Reporter database.


Possible causes of the connection problem:

General DNS/network issues

You should be able to successfully "ping" the SQL server from the computer that you are installing the Management Reporter services on.

Firewall or other network software/hardware blocking the connection

The range of dynamic ports on the SQL server may be blocked by a software or hardware firewall.

To view the range of dynamic ports on Windows Server 2008 and later, you can run the following on the SQL server from a command prompt:

netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp

More Information

The password validate function that is used during the Management Report installation tries to connect to the RPC Endpoint Mapper service on the SQL server (port 135). If that is successful, the RPC Endpoint Manager will provide the Management Reporter installer with a port number from the range of dynamics ports on the SQL server. The installer will then try to connect to the SQL server using that port. If either of these connection attempts fail, you will receive the password validation error. 

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