Footlight MT Light is an expressive, highly stylized typeface with prominent serifs. It grabs your attention in titles or headlines, or in small bits of large text. It could be effective for titles in presentations or on flyers. It is readable at small sizes, but it shouldn’t be used for body text.

Footlight is distinguished by its sharp serfs, the high contrast between its thick and thin strokes, and the way the angles within its letters are strongly skewed rather than upright and vertical. It has some unexpected details, like the swooping curve at the top of the middle stroke in the capital ‘F’.

Footlight was originally designed, in 1985, as an italic typeface; the type designer, Ong Chong Wah, designed the upright version later, which is the reverse of how typefaces usually get designed. Only the upright version is available, in its Light weight, so Footlight MT Light is not useful where italics or a heavier weight are needed.

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