Edwardian Script is an expressive cursive typeface that looks like it was written by hand with a steel-point pen. The exuberance of its capital letters, with their fancy flourishes (known as swash letters), contrasts with the regularity of its lowercase letters, combining readability with panache. Edwardian Script is a typeface made for formal invitations. It looks best at large sizes, although it has enough heft to be readable as small as 18-point. The capital letters are too decorative to be used together in all-capitals setting; they should be used only in sentence case with the lowercase letters. There is only one weight, and no italic style since it is already cursive.

Calligrapher and type designer Ed Benguiat designed Edwardian Script in 1994 for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). He based it on the technique of handwriting with a flexible steel pen, where increasing or decreasing the pressure as you write makes the strokes thicker or thinner, and they flow together smoothly.

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