Gloucester MT Extra Condensed is meant for headlines and titles. It packs a lot of words into a short line, even when set all in capital letters, while being easily readable. Its letter shapes are very condensed and its strokes are thick, giving it impact at large sizes. It has short, stubby serifs, short descenders (the parts of letters like ‘p’ and ‘g’ that descend below the baseline), and long ascenders (the parts of letters like ‘d’ and ‘h’ that extend above the height of the lowercase letters).

Gloucester Extra Condensed began life as part of a much larger family of metal typefaces called Cheltenham, first published in 1911 by American Type Founders (ATF), based on lettering by American architect Bertram Goodhue. When it was adapted by Monotype for mechanical typesetting, it was given the name Gloucester.

Gloucester MT Extra Condensed has only one weight and style.

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