Colonna works in titles and headlines where you want to draw attention and to make the reader stop and pay attention to the words. Colonna’s letters are very traditional in form and somewhat heavy in weight; it has sharp serifs that give it a spiky appearance. It is meant to be used at large sizes.

Colonna is an “inline” typeface – that is, a typeface where each letter has a white line running through it, to give it a sparkling, incised effect. In Colonna, the inlines cut through not only the straight strokes but the curves as well, which can make it look as if some parts of the curves have been cut off from the main body of the letter. This gives an extra liveliness to some of the rounder lowercase letters, especially the ‘g’, and some of the numbers.

Colonna was originally designed as a metal typeface by Monotype in 1927.

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