Century Gothic is big, round, and even, like a series of hoops rolling across the page. When you want a dramatically modern look for headlines, titles, and small bits of large text, this is an obvious choice. The very large size of its lowercase letters, compared to the capital letters, makes it look very big even at small sizes. The regularity of its lines and the consistent shape of its letters makes it look as if it had been constructed geometrically rather than written. This can be very effective at large sizes. For text to accompany Century Gothic headlines, you could keep to the same style by using Tw Cen MT or go for a complete contrast with a serif typeface like Century Schoolbook or Walbaum Text.

Monotype developed Century Gothic as one of the Windows Font Pack fonts, based on the earlier metal typeface Twentieth Century. Century Gothic is a response to the popularity of geometric typefaces like Futura in the 1920s and ITC Avant Garde in the 1970s. 

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