Constantia is a typeface for text. Lots of text. Long text, whether onscreen or on a printed page. It’s thoroughly modern in design, yet it has the proportions and letter shapes of a very traditional text typeface. It is an excellent choice for reports and other long documents, as well as for newsletters and any sort of publication. Its sharp, triangular serifs give it a spiky look, which is especially apparent at large sizes. If you’re creating a document or publication that will have both a printed and a digital form, Constantia is the perfect text typeface.

Type designer John Hudson created Constantia in 2004 as one of the two serif typefaces in Microsoft’s ClearType font collection. (The other was Cambria, which has a very different look and feel.) His original goal was to make a typeface for the text in e-journals; he ended up making a typeface that elegantly bridges the gap between print and screen.

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