Type designer Carl Crossgrove designed Cavolini as an informal handwriting typeface that would be easy to read on small screens. The wide spacing between letters make it readable at small sizes, though it will also work in titles or headlines, especially its bold weight. Cavolini has a casual and relaxed affability, with the charm and immediacy of handwriting.

Crossgrove is a designer who pays a great deal of attention to making text readable, so you can expect Cavolini to work well in paragraphs where an informal style is needed. While you probably wouldn’t set an entire report in Cavolini, it would be quite appropriate in email, flyers, and presentation slides.

Cavolini has very little contrast between its thick and thin strokes, and unlike more formal, calligraphic handwriting typefaces, those strokes take an organic, unstructured form that’s common in fast handwriting but rare in typeface design.

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