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Stuck on a math problem? You’re not alone. Tutoring Experts can help you get unstuck for free. You have 24/7 access to live tutors--even from your mobile device. You can review your work after you’ve completed your session. 

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How to find Tutoring Experts

Tutoring is available for anyone in the US, 13 years or older, and can be accessed via Teams or on the web. Download the Teams mobile app and add your personal account.   

Important: The Tutoring app in Teams is leaving Monday, April 12. A full-functioning site (desktop and mobile) will still be available on the web. ​For details, take a look at Tutoring Experts on the web below.​

Tutoring Experts on the web

The chat experience 

Your 20-minute chat is an opportunity to get live assistance from a tutor and to ask questions.  

  1. Upload a photo of your problem.

  2. Wait a few minutes to be matched with a tutor.

  3. Give your tutor time to review your problem.

  4. Start chatting with your tutor.

  5. Get step-by-step help during your chat.

Rate your session

When your session is over, you’ll be asked to rate your experience.  

  • Add your rating of one and five stars.

  • Leave a comment—let us know what worked (or didn’t!) about the session.

Access your past sessions 

When your session is over, it doesn’t disappear. You can get back to it by tapping My sessions. You’ll see your sessions in order, with the most recent session at the top. You can choose to download or delete your past sessions. You can also Start a new session.

Each past session will show: 

  • Subject 

  • Date 

  • Duration 

  • Rating 

  • Chat history 

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