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This page is a repository of tools and resources to help you get the most out of your OneNote experience.


Note: If you're using OneNote 2016, check if you need to update.

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VIDEO: River Dell School district and OneNote Class Notebooks

  • “OneNote has transformed reading and writing.”

  • “My students, in terms of homework completion, is through the roof.”

  • “It has enhanced all the lessons.”

  • OneNote eliminates a lot of “I lost my worksheet, I don’t know where my homework is.”

  • Paper is the bane of my existence, and with OneNote Class Notebooks, getting stuff handed in on time and getting stuff right to my teachers is much easier.”

VIDEO: First Grade Class Using OneNote Learning Tools

  • "Bottom line - OneNote has transformed my teaching and the way my students learn."

International School (public) in BSD - impact on Teaching and Learning

  • "Having lessons and classrooms that can consistently hit those best practices is significantly supported by using OneNote Class Notebooks. "

  • Teachers’ ability to differentiate and scaffold learning for students is tremendously enhanced as is the students’ opportunity to engage with resources differently and at their own level."

  • "Students can collaborate more deeply with each other, hold each other accountable for engaging in high level work, and share their work and learning so that they all understand what “high level” looks like."

  • "A teacher commented to me last week (she’s been teaching for almost 30 years) that she has just realized that she has kept an artificial lid on what students could do and that OneNote Class Notebooks and 1:1 have taken that lid off."

  • "Students can have flexible groupings, share work, collaborate and help/challenge each other and go at a pace and in a manner that helps them own their learning through the resource of OneNote."

Finding OneNote Class Notebooks

  • "In finding OneNote Class Notebook, we found a diamond! For me, it was the solution that ticked all the boxes that needed ticking. But more than that, OneNote could impact teaching and learning like nothing I had come across before."

  • "When people say that OneNote has changed the way they work, and they use the word “revolutionized,” you need to realize that they are telling the truth and are not exaggerating."

OneNote Class Notebook Addin and Learning Tools have truly changed my life

  • "Then the Class Notebook add-in was released. This changed my world both in the classroom and at home by giving me time back in my day."

  • "It has significantly impacted my teaching and has given me back the one thing I never have enough of…TIME!"

  • "The newest addition to OneNote, Learning Tools, has helped some of my lowest students increase their recognition of high frequency words. This has helped level the playing field when it comes to reading pages and information put into their OneNote Notebooks."

OneNote has revolutionized the way we work in our school!

  • "With the introduction of OneNote to our schools, in less than a year, we have transformed our pedagogy and the way we teach and learn."

OneNote - a platform for creativity, collaboration and communication

  • Student: OneNote gives us the flexibility to build content in class from different perspectives. It gives us a place to communicate our ideas with others and to work collaboratively with fellow classmates.

OneNote, ELL and special education at Sammamish High School

  • "One of the most valuable aspects of OneNote for students with disabilities is the increased ease with which teachers can differentiate in both general and special education classroom settings."

  • "OneNote also has many different tools that support students with disabilities. For instance, OneNote Learning Tools with immersive reader and dictation offer stronger access to general education curriculum, as these can provide alternative methods to traditional educational tasks such as writing and reading."

Learning Tools are a game changer for my special education students

  • "OneNote for Special Education is a game changer. This tool that can literally transform your classroom, and I am living proof of that."

  • "Watching them interact with OneNote and seeing how they have transformed has been one of my life’s greatest joys"

Our school fell in love with OneNote at first sight

  • "Why did we fall in love with OneNote? That answer is easy: It helps our kids. It helps them stay organized. It isn’t internet access-dependent, leveling the playing field for all our students."

  • "Our story is about an immediate connection with a digital tool called OneNote that fulfilled a need and then continued to grow with us so much that we have become inseparable."

OneNote Class Notebooks have redefined instruction at my school

  • "OneNote Class Notebooks have redefined the instruction at my school site and level. Organizational practices are inherently taught through the program. Expectations and procedures move seamlessly between content areas and assignments because OneNote has become the way to disseminate content and showcase knowledge in every eighth-grade classroom."

Lynbrook Public Schools digital journey and the unexpected app that changed everything

  • "Fast forward two years, three grades and 500 devices later—every one of our middle school students uses OneNote Class Notebook for most of their school day (and most use it at home as well). What one might find most intriguing is how the use of this tool has evolved in the time teachers and students have been using it."

Let them use OneNote - it could change their lives

  • “I used to be a not-so-good student. But then I came here, and I started using OneNote."

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