How to create SQL tables for an integrating Dexterity program


This article discusses how to create SQL tables for Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains Dexterity based programs.


Use thefollowingsteps to create SQL tables that reside in an integrating third party program written in Dexterity. These steps also coverhow to grant SQL permission to those tables.

Note This method replaces the amAutoGrant method that is described in Chapter 41 of the Dexterity Programmers Guide, Volume 1.

1. Create a global procedure named
Startup if one does not already exist in your third party program.This script runs when you start Great Plains and is typically where triggers are registered.

2. In the
Startup script, create a procedure trigger on the Add_Successful_Login_Record procedure by using the following code.

{Name: Startup}
local integer l_result;
l_result = Trigger_RegisterProcedure(script Add_Successful_Login_Record, TRIGGER_AFTER_ORIGINAL, script gp_create_tables);
if l_result <> SY_NOERR then
warning "The Add_Successful_Login_Record trigger is not registered.";
end if;

3. The registered trigger created in step 2 will call the global procedure
gp_create_tables whenever the user logs in to Microsoft Dynamics GP. This procedure is run when a Great Plains company is initially openedor when the user or company is switched.

4. Create the global procedure named
gp_create_tables. This script will create the tables for the third party program in the correct SQL Server database. It will alsocreate the table generated storedprocedures (zDP procs) and grant SQL permissions to the table and procedures.Use the following code.

{Name: gp_create_tables} 
local boolean result,l_result,OUT_Access;
{if logged in as sa, let them create the tables}
if 'SQLSaUser' of globals then
OUT_Access = true;
{This else statement will work only on 8.0. If logged in as a user other than sa,
but they have table access permissions, let them create the tables}
if syUserInRole('User ID' of globals, ROLE_SYSADMIN) or (syUserIsDBO ('User ID' of globals, 'Intercompany ID' of globals)
and syUserIsDBO ('User ID' of globals, SQL_SYSTEM_DBNAME)) then
OUT_Access = true;
end if;
end if;

if 'SQL Server' of globals > 0 and OUT_Access then
{enable table creation mode}
result = Table_SetCreateMode(true);
{Do not display any table errors to the user.}
result = Table_DisableErrorChecks(true);
{accessing the table creates it, list all your tables here, make sure to close the tables when done}
get first table GPSetup; {Purchasing series table}
close table GPSetup;
get first table GPSetup2; {System series table}
close table GPSetup2; {now set permissions, call once for the table and once for the stored procs}
{GPSetup is a purchasing series table so that will be in the company dbo}
l_result = GrantAccess(physicalname(table GPSetup),false,"DYNGRP",'Intercompany ID' of globals)
of form 'SQL Maintenance';
l_result = GrantAccess(physicalname(table GPSetup),true,"DYNGRP",'Intercompany ID' of globals)
of form 'SQL Maintenance';
{GPSetup2 is a system series table so that will be in the DYNAMICS database}
l_result = GrantAccess(physicalname(table GPSetup2),false,"DYNGRP","DYNAMICS") of form 'SQL Maintenance';
l_result = GrantAccess(physicalname(table GPSetup2),true,"DYNGRP","DYNAMICS") of form 'SQL Maintenance';
{Turn off automatic table creation.}
result = Table_SetCreateMode(false);
{Turn table error reporting back on.}
result = Table_DisableErrorChecks(false);
end if;

5. The tables and table generated stored procedures willbe created in SQL Server and SQL permissions will be granted.This script will only run for theSA or DYNSA users and after the tables are created it is okay to run this script again.

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