Specify the Currency ID, Rate Type, and Effective Date in the Transaction Import (98.500.00) Data file. 

1. Currency and CuryRate lines may be added to a Transaction Import Data File. The following rules must be observed: 

  >> Only one currency per batch may be imported, while the Rate and Rate Type may change throughout the batch. Therefore, if entering a Currency line in a Data file it must be followed by a CuryRate line followed by a Batch line. However, a CuryRate line can be placed by itself in a Data file. 

  >> The currency cannot change while entering detail lines. Therefore, a Currency or CuryRate line cannot be placed between detail lines (i.e. Detail,"","" CuryRate,SPOT,"",1.2 Detail,"",""). 

  >> In order to use a CuryRate line, at least one Currency line must have been successfully processed. 

  >> A Currency ID on a Currency line cannot be left to defaults (i.e. ""). The Effective Date and the Rate on the CuryRate line canbe left to default. 

  >> Following is an example of a correct Voucher Data file entry: 

 Currency, CAD 

 CuryRate, SPOT, 03/03/2003, .74 

 "Batch",,200501,"H",100.00, "Document",,"VO","VENDID",03/03/2003,,03/03/2003,01,100.00,0,"A",,,,,03/03/2003,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 


 (where CAD = the correct currency and VendID = the correct Vendor ID etc...) 

 2. No change to the Transaction Import Control File is required.

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