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How to update and fix your video if a stock asset has been deleted

Clipchamp offers a library of stock images, videos, and audio tracks to help create your video.

There are stock media collections available in Clipchamp for personal accounts and Clipchamp for work accounts.

Unfortunately, sometimes assets are removed from our stock library. This can happen for instance if the creator of that asset (such as the photographer who took the stock photo) has requested their work no longer be available.

Luckily, our stock media library is huge! It should be possible to replace any removed asset with something similar.

What happens if a stock asset was removed from my video?

When you open a project in Clipchamp, our backend checks to ensure all stock media files in the project are available.

A popup will appear on your screen explaining what has happened if a stock media item is no longer available. You won't be able to export the affected project if it includes unavailable stock footage until this is fixed.

You'll still be able to locate the unavailable stock in the media tab to the left of the user interface, and in the timeline, but the item will be in an error state. Selecting it on the timeline may prompt you to “relink” it, which is helpful if you have a suitable replacement you can upload.

It's best to replace a removed stock asset with another similar asset. Read on to find out how.

How to replace a missing stock asset

First, search the relevant tab (images, audio, or video) for a suitable replacement. Try using keywords in the name of the original removed stock asset.

Once you've found a suitable replacement, the easiest way to update your video is to drag the replacement stock from the sidebar on top of the timeline track of the original stock item. When you drag over it, you will see an icon and text that says “Replace.”

The new stock asset will be in the same position and trimmed to the same length as the original. From here, you can tweak as needed and export your project.

What if a stock asset was deleted that I used in a previous video?

Under our agreement with stock library contributors, Clipchamp users have the right to continue using previously exported videos that include stock assets that no longer exist in Clipchamp. Technically, your exported video is known as a “derivative work” in this case.

You will only run into an issue with deleted stock assets if you try to edit a video that includes the removed stock. In such cases, you will need to replace the removed stock before you can export the affected project again.

What if I used a free stock asset and can’t find a free replacement?

Clipchamp libraries include both free and premium stock assets. In rare cases it can happen that a free stock asset is subject to removal. If a stock asset you used is removed and you can't find a suitable replacement in our collection, another option is to create a new image in Microsoft Designer and use it in Clipchamp.

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