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You can use Clipchamp's brand kit feature to store your brand's go-to fonts, colors, and logos. It's the key to keeping your videos consistent, organized, and on-brand, no matter the size of your company.

All you have to do is set your brand fonts, colors, and logos, then easily apply them to any video within our online video editor.

Learn how to set your personalized brand fonts, colors, and logos below.

Where to find the brand kit?

In Clipchamp’s video editor, your brand kit is accessible on the homepage.

You can also access the brand kit from inside the video editor on the left toolbar.

Image of Video editor homepage showing the brand kit option

How to add branding to the brand kit

Step 1. Create your brand kit from the homepage

To set up your brand kit, upgrade your Clipchamp account from free to the Premium plan. You will be presented with three brand kit options - logos, fonts, and colors.

An image of Clipchamp brand kit

Step 2. Add logos

Click on the add logos button to upload your brand's logos.

Your computer files will automatically open. Simply upload your logo up to 10MB as a PNG, JPG, or SVG file and you can easily add it to any future videos. You can add multiple logos at once.

An image of a user adding their files.

Step 3. Add fonts

In your brand kit, you can select as many brand fonts as you need. Click on add a font button. A drop-down box will appear called Font 1.

You can edit the name of your font by clicking the pen symbol next to Font 1. Delete the font by clicking on the trash can symbol.

Click on the down arrow to open all the font options. Scroll through our font library, then click on your desired font to add to your brand kit.

Step 4. Add custom fonts 

We understand many brands use their own unique fonts. Luckily, in the brand kit, you can upload custom fonts from your computer.

Click on the down arrow to open all the font options. Click on the first option upload a font.

Image of Viewing custom fonts for brand kit

You'll then see a module where you can drag and drop your custom font, or click browse files to locate one on your computer.

Image of Uploading custom fonts to brand kit

Once you've selected your custom font, check the box that verifies you have the correct font license, then click add to the brand kit.

Image of Custom font successfully uploaded to brand kit

Your custom font should now be in your font library. Click your custom font to add it to your brand kit.

Image of Scrolling through brand kit font library

Step 5. Add colors

Click the add palette button. A drop-down box will appear with a + symbol in a box called palette 1.

It's easy to select colors using our color picker, or if you've already chosen your fave shades, just copy and paste their hex codes into the search bar.

Your brand kit now should look a little something like this.

How to use the brand kit in the video editor

Step 1. Locate your new brand kit in the editor

You will now be able to find your brand kit ready to use in the editor. You can further edit your brand kit within the brand kit tab.

Image of Adding fonts to brand kit

Step 2. How to use brand kit assets after set up

Now that your brand kit is set up, let's use it in our video editor.

Adding brand logo: Drag and drop your logo onto the timeline. You can move it freely around the video preview to change its position. On the property panel, use the transform, filters, adjust colors, and fade tabs to edit your logo’s location, size, and appearance. You can turn the logo into a watermark by adjusting its opacity.

Image of Selecting specific fonts for brand kit

Changing color: Click on the colors tab on the toolbar. Next, click on the add pallet button to add your personalized color scheme.

Image of Adding custom fonts for brand it

Changing font: Click on the text tab on the left toolbar. Drag and drop a title onto the timeline.

Image of Uploading custom fonts to brand kit

On the property panel, click on the text tab to personalize your text. Here, you can edit what your text reads, the font, font style, size, and color. 

Image of Viewing custom fonts for brand kit

Who can use brand kits? 

The brand kit feature is exclusively available to Premium plan subscribers. The Premium plan is perfect for everyday editors looking to enhance their videos. It includes watermark-free exports in up to 4K resolution, access to the premium video, audio, and image stock library, premium filters, effects, the brand kit, and content backup. Brand kit is not available on the free Clipchamp plan.

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