How to use Customization Maintenance packages to enable Great Plains Report Writer functions from a 3rd party report dictionary

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This article discusses how to use Customization Maintenance packages to enable Great Plains Report Writer functions from a 3rd party report dictionary.


Example: The SOP Blank History Invoice Form report is being modified in the Smartlist dictionary in Report Writer. The user would like to call the RW_ParseString Report Writer function which is in the Great Plains dictionary and not accessible from the Smartlist dictionary.

To work around this limitation, the package files created by Customization Maintenance can be used:

1. Make a backup copy of the Exp1493r.dic (the reports dictionary that Smartlist uses).

2. In Smartlists in Report Writer,open the report to be modified. In this example, the report being used is SOP Blank History Invoice Form.

3. Make a new calculatedfield(s). Name the calculated field as desired such as calcfield1.

4. Set thecalculated field to type String.

5. Clickthe
Functions tab and then clickthe
User Definedbutton. Click
Inventory forthe Series. Select any of the RW functions you see listed and thenclick
Add. The rw_ASI_Get_Customer_Item_Description will be used in this example.

6. In this example, it is desired to parse the Item Master field Item Description for the first 25 characters. The function in Great Plains in the Expressions | Calculated field would look like:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT(RW_ParseString IV_Item_MSTR.Item Description 25 1)

However, the RW_ParseString is not available here so our statement looks similar to:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_ASI_Get_Customer_Item_Description IV_Item_MSTR.Item Description 25 1)

7. Close the layout window, save the changes, and then exit Report Writer back to Great Plains.

8. Go Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance and select this report from the list.

9. Export it to a package file.

10. Open the package file up in Notepad.

11. Do a search for calcfield1 (or whatever you named it). Find it and you willsee the report function there, rw_ASI_Get_Customer_Item_Description as above. Switch the name to RW_ParseString because that is the name of the function we want to use but could not enter it.

12. Exit Notepad and save the changes.

13. Back in the Customization Maintenance window, click
Import to importa package,select the one just modified and then overwrite your existing report.

14.Go back to Report Writerand you should see the calculated field with the function that we want and the calculated field functions correctly.

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