and Office 365 Education have partnered to provide a free and innovative solution for delivering standards-aligned content in the classroom. 

Prepopulated with the CS Discoveries curriculum, your OneNote Class Notebook’s structure will help you stay organized, save your work to the cloud, and easily distribute content to students.

Note: Sign in to your Office 365 Education account at in order to create a Class Notebook. 

Create a Class Notebook

  1. Open the Class Notebook page here

  2. Select  Create a class notebook.

    Starting screen to create a Class Notebook

  3. Give your class a name, then select  Next.

  4. Choose the CS Discoveries 2018 material you’ll be using in this class and then select  Next. The materials you choose will be automatically loaded in your Class Notebook Teacher-Only section.

    Setup wizard step to add instructional material to a Class Notebook

  5. Choose the sections you’d like to include in every students’ notebook, then select Next. (You can edit these sections later from OneNote by selecting the Class Notebook tab, then Manage Notebooks.)

    Create student sections in your Class Notebook

  6.  Preview how your teacher and student notebooks will look, then select  Create.

Explore the structure of your notebook

Each notebook includes:

  • A Content Library: read-only for students, this is where teachers can share course materials for the class to reference.

  • A Collaboration Space: where teachers and students can work together, a Teacher-Only area that is just private to you.

  • A private workspace for each student: where you can create sections for students to take notes, work on homework you assign, and more.

You also have the option of creating a Teacher-Only section group in your notebook, where you can keep notes and work on curriculum away from the eyes of your students. 

Copy content from your Teacher-Only section group into the Content Library:

  1. Right-click a page or section.

  2. Select  Move or Copy.

  3. Select a destination in the notebook’s Content Library.

  4. Select Copy. This will copy the content from your Teacher-Only section into the Content Library, where students will be able to access, but not edit, the material.  

Distribute pages to private student workspaces:

Homework, quizzes, and other content you want students to work on privately can be distributed to designated sections in their workspaces.

  1. Navigate to the page in the Content Library that you'd like to distribute to your students.

  2. Select the  Class Notebook  tab, then  Distribute Page.

  3. Choose the section of your students’ notebook you’d like the page copied to.

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