I Need a Report to Show Me What Assets are in my Select Assets Groups

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How do I create a report to show me what assets are in my select assets groups by Location ID?


You will need to create a custom report.

1. Go to Tools | Customize | Report Writer. Choose the Product of Fixed Assets.

2. Choose the Reports button, then the New Button,Name the report Select Assets by Location, choose the series of Financial and main table of Select Assets Master.

3. Now we need to link a table. From the Menu Bar, select Tables | Tables. In the Tables window, select the FA_Select_Assets_MSTR table and choose Open then Relationships.

4. Select New in the Table Relationships screen. The secondary table will be the Asset General Information Master and we will use Key 1.

5. Link by Asset Index and choose OK. Close the Table Relationships window, say OK to the Table Definition window and close the Tables window.

6. In the Report Definition Window, select the Tables button. Highlight the Select Assets Master table and select New. Select the Asset General Information Master and click OK then Close.

7. Now we must add a User restriction. Go to the Restrictions Button. Name the restriction User. Set the Report Table to Select Assets Master and Table Fields to User ID. Add Field.

8. In the Operators sections, choose the “=”.

9. In the constants sections, change the Type to String and Type the User ID in the Constant field. Add Constant. Click OK.

10. Go to the Layout. Add Group Name, Asset ID and Asset suffix to the body of the report from the Select Assets Master Table.

11. Add the Location ID field to the Body of the report from the Asset General Information Table.

12. Save the report and print by going to Reports | Customized.

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