Importing in Accounts using Table Import

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I want to import to the Account Master File in General Ledger using Table Import. Is there any information that you can give me on the fields for the import?


Following is a brief description of required fields, default values for some fields and guidelines for importing. These guidelines are for Table Import, and not for Integration Manager.

Required fields: Account Number, Account Description and Account Category Number.

The account number structure should always be imported as separate segments.

The account type is either posting (1), unit (2), posting allocation (3),or unit allocation (4).

Account description is a 50 character field. Anything longer will be truncated.

Posting type is either balance sheet (0) or profit and loss (1). Balance sheet is the default.

Account Category # is determined by the 48 predefined financial categories. Import a value between 1-48.

The Active field (a check box) default value is 0 (inactive). If all accounts are to be active, import a (1) for the accounts.

The Typical Balance field's default value is debit (0). Import a (1) for a credit.

To import to a multi-select list box field, use a series of 32 F's and T's. The Constant field is a multi-select list box. If there are four selections, for instance, and you want to indicate that the last two selections should be marked, import FFTT and 28 more F's for that field. This is explained in more detail in the Dynamics Import manual.

Import into the Account Index field. Open the Account list in Report Writer and add the Account Index field, then print the report to view the last used account index. Then use the next available number for your first account index in your import. Each account needs a different index, so increment each index by one.

When importing to radio button fields, keep in mind that a value of 0 (zero) indicates the first field in the tab sequence.

Be sure that the importing file has carriage returns (hard returns) after each record; otherwise, only the first record will be imported.

The on-line field descriptions provide detailed information you'll need in order to import data, including the required fields for each file, and the values for each field, such as the Account Type field. The README file and the most recent Dynamics Import manual also provide information about importing accounts and account indexes.

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