Importing into Inventory Stock Status Tables with Table Import is Not Supported

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There isa new SDK document availablefor Inventory Stock Status Flows.Importing into these tables using table import is not recommended or supported.

The basis of this SDK Document is to provide information concerning the Inventory Stock Status tables for a developer intending on working with these tables.

As soon as you begin a stock count, the IVSTOCKCOUNTLINE table (IV10301) is automatically populated with the current inventory values in Dynamics. This value is displayed as the captured quantity. The counted quantity field is also stored in this table thus any program that is designed to be insert only will not function.

Since table import is insert only, you cannot insert the counted quantity field into the IV10301. In order to perform an import into this table,you would need to import all the values at the same time. To do this you would need toexport all the quantities for all sites, and use them in your import file, or begin the stock count entry (in order to update the Captured Quantities) and then export the IV10301table. Then you would need to update the counted quantity field, followed by clearing data on the original IV10301 table, and then reimporting the entire table again. This would not be recommended or supported because the inventory quantities could change from the time you exported the data, to the time the import of data occurs, thus potentially causing your inventory to be out of balance.

The Inventory Stock Status SDK can be downloaded

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