Integration Points of Project Accounting and Canadian Payroll

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What are the Integration Points of Project Accounting and Canadian Payroll?


Timesheet Transactions entered in Project Accounting will post to Canadian Payroll provided the setup option is marked in Setup | Project | Timesheets. Mark the the box Post to Payroll and choose Canadian Payroll.

1. Go to Transactions | Project | Timesheet Entry or Transactions | Payroll Canada | PA Integration | PA Timesheet Entry.
2. Select an Employee from the lookup list.
3. Enter the Project and Cost Category.
4. Salary pay code will not post to Payroll by default. There is an expansion box next to Pay code where you can change the option to Additional Amount if you do want the Salary pay code to post to Payroll. Reallocate Dollars and Reallocate Hours cannot be used with Canadian Payroll.
5. The pay code or position can be changed. The pay code unit cost will come from the Canadian Payroll Rate table and the billing rate/markup percentage will come from the Project Rate Table.


Rate tables are setup on pay codes and use a sub code and/or a level. Sub Code is not required, may use just Pay Code and Level.
1. Cards-Payroll Canada-Income Pay Codes.
2. Select the pay code and click on Amounts.
3. Select Table Codes. This is where you can setup the different Sub codes and Levels (and Positions if you chose to do so). Select the type at the top and then click on Add on the side. These are setup per pay code.
4. Close the window and then click on Rate Table. This is where the actual rates are entered for the rate table.

1. Cards-Payroll Canada-Employee.
2. Click on Pay Codes. Highlight the Income pay code assigned on right and click on Update.
3. Enter the Sub Code and/or Level in this window. Close window.
4. Assign the Employee a Position.
5. Click on the expansion box next to Position.
6. Insert the position code to the Authorized Position Codes side.
7. Highlight that Position code and click on Code.
8. Insert the Income Paycodes Available (REG) to the Authorized Paycodes Available.
9. May use the expansion button to enter more information about the rate table.

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